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2017 swimwear designer custom print pack PRINTSEA

Swimwear Designer Pack

Are you ready to chase your sparkle + have your own swimwear label?

If you said 'HELL YES' + then freaked out because you don't even know where to start,

have no fear, we've got the perfect pack to get you started + hit the sand running. 

We want to help you make your bikini empire dreams a reality,

you could literally be 12 weeks away from 

making 2017 your best year yet

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This is for designers that are ready to take their label from their garage to a bikini empire. A custom designed print, specific to your ideal bikini babes. Its your signature style, its what sets you apart for the rest + it can’t be replicated. We will work together to find your signature style + target market. Then we'll get busy in the studio creating your UNIQUE + EXCLUSIVE print


The right print will literally make your bikini's fly off the hanger + out to the ocean. So if you want to make an impression + help your label have the best chance of catching the eye of mermaids everywhere, you'll need more prints. SOOO we've added an additional two PRINT SEA stock prints from our catalogue, with the option to tailor colours to your CUSTOM signature print.  

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10 Steps to Launching Your Swimwear Label PRINTSEA.NET.jpg

How to start a swimwear label - EBOOK

We know how hard it can be when you've got no idea where to start. So we've taken the guess work out of it for you + shared all our industry knowledge so you have the best chance for being a success from the start. Don't make the same mistakes everyone else does + use this ebook to guide you through the next steps + help you get your research started. FULL of industry contacts from manufactures, hardware suppliers, fabric suppliers, marketing tools + much more!

includes: Pricing for Selling online or instore ,Essential Marketing TIPS, Manufacturing Here + Overseas, Fabric sourcing.



’Just wanted to drop you a line to say you are amazing and inspirational! Despite being in the design/handmade industry for 10+ years, your ebook has given me all the inspiration/advice/sources in the space of 30mins that it has taken me 5 odd years to research/ work out on my own... and although I dont plan on making the big steps to mass production just yet, your intel was great for further inspiration and confirmation I’m on the right track. I must say though my favourite part of your book was getting distracted with your beautiful illustrations!’ Jenna Bell - Apple + Fig

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Well if we told you what this was, it wouldn't be a surprise would it. BUT it will be hand picked especially for you on your special journey of chasing your sparkle. We will be your biggest cheerleader + have your back when it comes to creating your dreams. 


For 12 weeks, unlimited emails, asking any questions around the industry. Happy to share everything we know to help you along your journey. No question to big or small. When we say we are your biggest cheerleader, we mean it. We've got your back on this journey so know that we will be with you every step of the way to launching your label + becoming an official BIKINI DESIGNER. 

2017 Swimwear Designer Launch PACK
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VALID FOR 12 MONTHS: Plenty of time to start writing 'BIKINI DESIGNER' on your customs application at the airport.