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How a Stylist can help you get seen

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Over a rose` I sat down with Australian stylist Barbie Payton + chatted why having a stylist in your corner is a MUST and we cant believe not everyone is doing it. 

 Before the rose` (from left) Shyanne Clarke + Barbie Payton

Before the rose` (from left) Shyanne Clarke + Barbie Payton


  1. Stylists usually work as part of a dream team, photographer, hair + make up artist,    models - thats a lot of collaboration straight up showing off your swimwear to the best it can be across social media.

  2. Stylists get asked to style shots for campaign shoots in magazines all the time, if they have your swimwear to get creative, thats potential exposure + publicity in multiple magazines with little effort from you AND its international exposure during the winter season when sales usually drop.  

  3. Stylists can sell the whole package, a perfectly curated photograph on Instagram could mean your bikini sells out pronto. Its more than just the beach shot, a stylist tells the story + gives your customer a lifestyle they want to live.  


Barbie Payton Stylist PRINTSEA.NET blog

I asked Barbie, how do you feel about designers sending you their stuff? We would love that, its ideal if you have pieces to use on hand for when those last minute shoots pop up (which they do!) Its great exposure for your brand. Plus we love when we get inspired by a piece, getting creative with it + then presenting it to our contacts to use. 


How do you get creative? I never work alone, its always part of a team, generally the photographer + I work closely together. The hair + make up artist, as well as the models obviously work closely together, but we all play our important part of the team to pull off the best shot. 


Whats the typical process for a stylist? Usually we get a brief either from the designer or from editorial. Then its a lot of behind the scenes planning before the actual day. I need to create the whole look, feel + energy of the shoot and then source what I need to create that look like the location, photographers, models, hair + make up, collaboration pieces or props like cars, shoes, jewellery, sunnies, hats. Its quite a lot, I don’t think people realise how much goes into it. You can definitely tell when a stylist hasn’t been used in a shoot.


Who do you usually style for? I do a lot of editorial work here but also over seas. A few of the US magazines I worked with recently are Elegant, Pump + Element (NY).


Whats your best piece of advice for why you should use a stylist in your campaign shoot? A stylist tells a story that makes the connection from your customer to your label. That alone is worth it. But I also think its so important to collaborate in business, I have my own online boutique but don’t pull my own clothes because I know the more rewarding benefits of working with other labels, its exposure you just can’t get alone. Once you’ve used a stylist, you realise the difference it can make.



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Barbie Payton Stylist PRINTSEA.NET blog post