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Getting amongst your fear + start chasing your sparkle.

shyanne Clarke

Stick to your purpose. The universe will test you, it will drop a shiny object in front of you + challenge how much you want it. 

This week I had a little a shiny object dropped in front of me. It sort of aligned with my purpose but would ultimately send me in a new direction to the path I am on. This is where it was tricky. I really didn’t know what to do. It felt like it could be right + I could do both but then it would come to a point where I would have to choose one or the other. My sister is always telling me to FOCUS - Focus on one course until successful. I always felt torn with this saying because what if what you are focusing on isn’t actually the thing you SHOULD be focusing on? If its not working shouldn’t you change direction? Or do you actually have to learn to be patient. This shiny object would be more profitable instantly + I’d get excited about doing it each day but was it my actual purpose or was I just talking myself into what I thought was right? 

CONFUSED? …….me too. 

Im usually the type of person who likes to fail in private, sort it all out behind the scenes before I share what I am doing. Basically I want to have clarity in my own head before I decide you can know about it. Because then, whatever you say, I can own my own decision. This week, the way I usually did things changed. I shared my idea before I was ready + I got a lot of feedback + pushing in the shiny object direction. This confused me even more. Then I did something else I don’t usually do, I got vulnerable + told my business mentoring group that I didn’t have my sh*# together + then cried about it. This is what they asked me, ‘how would you feel if you didn’t do it?’ - I said disappointed straight away, but after thinking about it, I was actually relieved that in a way they had given me permission to not have to do it. They were backing me + my sparkle. 

After I decided, no I don’t want this shiny object, the universe showed me I passed the test. I had sales, sign ups, enquiries + went to an event + won a marketing strategy day worth $1000. Not just that, I pushed through a block that I didn’t even know was there + I grew. But most of all, I got clarity.

I constantly struggle with not knowing if chasing my sparkle will be worth it, but this week I accepted the fact that what I do, I really really REALLY love. And if this thing that I really really love doesn’t make me a billionaire, I DONT CARE. I just don’t care, because I love to do it. This is when I got clarity. Clarity on my purpose. Occasionally being an entrepreneur sucks because money isn’t consistent, you are having little wins but lots of failures + most of the time YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!  

I get that starting is scary. I get that you might be so bloody confused about your purpose you’re not even sure its in the same country as you. I get that there are a lot of people around you telling you it won’t work or you can’t do it. But I’m telling you, it takes just 20 seconds of courage. Make the decision + do it! The universe will guide you in the right direction. It will test you too but just to see how bad you want it. I’m not saying its going to be easy, but it WILL be worth it. 

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