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Launching your label on a budget with a BANG.

shyanne Clarke

Jess Ruhfus, she is the effervescent founder of Collabosaurus, a matchmaking site for businesses + she is the rad-est marketing guru to walk the planet. She will save you money, get you connected + have you drunk on margaritas before you can say 'can I have salt with that?.' 

I grabbed a quick 5 minutes with Jess + squeezed some gems out of her to help you launch your label on a budget. Grab a double shot soy latte + a notebook, you'll want to write this stuff down. 


Q. I’m about to launch my label, what’s your hot tip to do this with a bang + on a budget?

Tease out your launch as much as possible to build buzz. Build your social media following, original content & brand presence early so you can launch to a crowd of interested people! Many lifestyle & travel bloggers have launched swimwear labels successfully because they have an existing audience. Think about how else you could inspire a new audience and let the product follow

Q. Your top 3-5 must have apps/subscriptions/socials to help a label go from garage to global?

Collabosaurus to find complementary brands to collaborate & cross promote with

Xero to keep on top of your spending

Google Drive if you have a freelance team or need to access files on the go - this is incredible

Yesware let’s you track emails from your personal gmail account [so you can see when an email has been opened, or you can schedule the email to send at an appropriate time]

Sparrow easiest flight booking service out there [& let’s be honest, you’ll be globetrotting soon!]

Upwork is great for hiring freelance help when you’re starting out


Q. What’s the best collaboration you have seen, where you thought NAILED IT!?

I loved Beci Orpin x Who Gives a Crap - such a clever marriage of brands! Totally nailed it.

Q. What is a marketing NO-NO in the biz + would nearly guarantee label death? 

Customer service should set you apart. Make sure customers are well looked after, their questions are answered and no refund requests get ignored. Many businesses have been crucified for silly mistakes around customer service & it’s easy to avoid!

Q. If I gave you $30 right now, how would you use it to help your brand? 

I would probably spend it on direct mail or towards content creation. Reaching out to a potential customer, influencer, ambassador or collaborator has BIG impact when it’s done the old-school way & is personalised. Otherwise, I am a big believer in faking it ’til you make it! Having crisp, pro photography & content gives a professional impression - and is far more important than an expensive, tricked-out website. Invest in great photography and you’ll look pro from the start!

Thats a wrap!

If you aren't already following or subscribed to Jess' amazingness, you need to make it a priority, she drops gold on the regular. Your lack of cash will thank you for it.

You've got this! 

Keep chasing your sparkle.