Print Sea

prints for the sparkle chasers, dream makers + beach life lovers.

Printsea Manifesto

The philosophy

Print Sea is a print design brand for the dream chasers, the inspiration makers + the life lovers.  

At Print Sea we believe that the beach is not a destination, but a lifestyle. A mantra. A way of looking at the world.

We create prints that breathe freedom into everything they touch. 

Why does the magic of a tropical holiday have to only be once a year? At Print Sea – the holiday never ends.

Our mission is to help you breathe the freedom of the tropical lifestyle into your everyday life. Our prints are designed to bring your surfaces to life with colour, coconuts and palm trees. 

We imagine a world where prints show us how to live the fullest, biggest and bravest version of ourselves. 

Come chase your sparkle with us. We will be out there living the dream and you can too.




About Shyanne

Shyanne Clarke - that's me! I'm an Australian Swimwear Fabric Designer, passionate about creating lush,Floral statement fabric prints that spread a little beach sparkle + magic.  

I've always lived by the ocean, I actually think salt water was probably part of my DNA when I was born and I am just waiting for my mermaid tail to grow, like how fairies get their wings from a baby's laugh.

Growing up, I always based my decisions on what was the most beachy, but as I've gotten older, my style has grown too and now I would describe it as 'Floral Beach Luxe.' I've always been creative, colouring rainbows, selling handmade bookmarks for 20c at the front of my house and scraping by with average marks in art, so that the painting I created would suit my room decor. 

When I moved out of home my big sister bought me a card that I have always loved, it said 'go and catch a falling star.' And everyday I am chasing that stars sparkle + helping bikini designers chase their sparkley dreams too.

There is something enticing about the ocean, its calming, it makes you happy + its a lifestyle that I just can't live without. Its my happy place + I want to create pieces that will inspire + capture the ocean spirit. 

I am obsessed with the smell of coconut, my voice is squeaky like Minnie Mouse + if you haven't already guessed, I wish I was a mermaid like Daryl Hannah in 'Splash.'

Designing is my sparkle, you can often find me doing little happy dances around the table when I feel like I've created a little bit of ocean inspired magic.

What do you want to know? Get in TOUCH or stalk me on Instagram + Facebook. I won't mind.

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