Print Sea

prints for the sparkle chasers, dream makers + beach life lovers.

PRINTSEA custom fabric design


Everything we do, we believe it should be beautiful,

inspiring + special.

We create small things with big love,

chasing our sparkle + hoping you chase your sparkle too.

We create for the dream chasers,

the inspiration makers + the beach life lovers. 



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This is for designers that are ready to take their label from their garage to a bikini empire. A custom designed print, specific to your ideal bikini babes. Its your signature style, its what sets you apart for the rest + it can’t be replicated. We will work together to find your signature style + target market. Then we'll get busy in the studio creating your UNIQUE + EXCLUSIVE print. Email us now:



The right print will literally make your bikini's fly off the hanger + out to the ocean. So if you want to make an impression + help your label have the best chance of catching the eye of mermaids everywhere, you'll need more prints. SOOO we've added a PRINT SEA library of prints for you to choose from. We can also tailor colours to your collection. See the library here

From $200

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10 Steps to Launching Your Swimwear Label PRINTSEA.NET.jpg

How to start a swimwear label - EBOOK

We know how hard it can be when you've got no idea where to start. So we've taken the guess work out of it for you + shared all our industry knowledge so you have the best chance for being a success from the start. Don't make the same mistakes everyone else does + use this ebook to guide you through the next steps + help you get your research started. FULL of industry contacts from manufactures, hardware suppliers, fabric suppliers, marketing tools + much more! Find out more here

includes: Pricing for Selling online or instore ,Essential Marketing TIPS, Manufacturing Here + Overseas, Fabric sourcing.



repeat design own artwork


If you are a bit arty party + have your own artwork that you would love to see on your own fabric, we would love to help you get it ready for print. Get in touch + we can let you know the process. 

Email us now:

Starts at $50



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If you need just a little more PRINT SEA in your life, we do wall art + gratitude cards too. Take a little piece of the ocean home with you, thats our motto. We are stocked in a few beautiful stores on the Sunshine Coast as well, if you would like to know more about wholesale, get in touch. 


FROM 29.99